The Legend Reviver

The theme for today is "sharing is caring" and spreading some global bartender love. With this in mind let me introduce you to the Legend Reviver, a cocktail created by one of my very close friends, Wade "The Mechanic" Cleophas. I first met Wade in 2011 working on the Bar at Hakkasan Dubai. To say he is a character would be a gross understatement, nope he is a true legend. Recognised as one of the biggest jokers not to mention best twerkers behind the stick he is proving himself pretty handy at mixing drinks too. Last year he placed 2nd in the Bombay Sapphire cocktail contest, but this year he has gone even better making it to the global finals of the Bacardi Legacy contest being held in Ber

An after dinner explosion! The 1449.

For my first blog/rant I started with the Starlight, a delicate little sipping drink ideal for almost any occasion. This week I've decided to jump right to the other end of the spectrum with the 1449, a drink which I often refer to as an espresso martini on steroids. When talking with guests about drinks, I more often than not ask them their preference on spirits in order to get an idea of what base to use. More often than not one thing I get in return is "anything, just NO TEQUILA". Now I like you would probably be willing to bet my shoes that this reaction has come about based on some bad frat house hazing experience suffered many years prior causing said drinker to hold a grudge on Tequil

A Perfect Little Sipper: The Starlight Cocktail

Like many bartenders, guests often ask me to make "my best" or "favorite" cocktail. Now normally I might debate the correct way to respond to this in order to guide my guest to a more informed decision, whilst all the time thinking in my head about a wonderfully sarcastic retort such as "well sir I love the taste of old boots, but I doubt you will". Dull wit aside, despite our best efforts to help we are often met with blank stares followed by a response along the lines of "I like sweet". Banging heads off walls aside its often nice to have a fallback cocktail which never fails to deliver, and for me this drink is the starlight. First conceptualised in 2008 as a play on one of my earlier c