The Legend Reviver

The theme for today is "sharing is caring" and spreading some global bartender love. With this in mind let me introduce you to the Legend Reviver, a cocktail created by one of my very close friends, Wade "The Mechanic" Cleophas. I first met Wade in 2011 working on the Bar at Hakkasan Dubai. To say he is a character would be a gross understatement, nope he is a true legend. Recognised as one of the biggest jokers not to mention best twerkers behind the stick he is proving himself pretty handy at mixing drinks too. Last year he placed 2nd in the Bombay Sapphire cocktail contest, but this year he has gone even better making it to the global finals of the Bacardi Legacy contest being held in Berlin, Germany. The objective of the contest is simple, to create a cocktail which will be a future classic. It must use ingredients which are easily accessible (i.e. no home made stuff), and must be easy to recreate. Wade found inspiration in the liquid itself saying "When I think of rum the first thing that comes to mind is traveling to exotic places. It is fitting that I actually work on a cruise ship because I do just that. I started to think about what makes a classic cocktail a classic and how they manage to not fade away. They are easy to remember, simple enough to recreate, have a history and most importantly a taste that outlasts time. So I thought why not merge two exceptionally good classics, the Manhattan and the Sazerac to make something new with Bacardi". The name of the cocktail is in honour of Don Facundo Bacardi, himself a legend of a man who wanted to create rum that would stand the test of time. Wade wanted to revive and immortalise the vision of Don Facundo, hence the name Legend Reviver. So enough of the talking, lets get to making this little gem.


  • 60ml/2 ounces Bacardi 8

  • 20ml/0.75 ounce Star Anise infused sweet vermouth

  • 7.5ml/0.25 ounce Monin caramel/cinnamon syrup

  • 3 drops Fee Brothers Whiskey Barrel aged Bitters

  • Mist of Absinthe


  • Two Mixing glasses

  • Bar spoon

  • Good quality ice

  • Bar knife and/or Y peeler

​Step 1: Prepare the infused Vermouth.

Nice and easy here, simply take 8 Star Anise pods and place them into 1 litre of sweet vermouth and leave them to sit for 8 hours. Once ready strain the vermouth and store back in the bottle.

Step 2: Make the sugar syrup blend.

Take one bottle of Monin caramel and blend together with half a bottle of Monin Cinnamon syrup (2:1 ratio to be clear). Once together stir then store in a proper container and keep chilled.

Step 3: Get to Making the drink.

Start by preparing your glassware. Take a pre-chilled class and mist it with Absinthe then set aside. Next fill a mixing glass about 70 percent of the way with fresh ice. In another mixing glass, combine all of the remaining ingredients then pour the mixture over the ice. From here stir the cocktail until the level of the liquid meets the top of the ice in order to achieve a constant dilution. Once it is at this stage it is ready for service so take your pre-prepared glass and decant into it.

Step 4: Garnish and Enjoy!

Garnish with lemon peel and Star Anise.Get a fresh lemon to start and peel a good size slice using either a bar knife or Y peeler. Before cutting you can zest the top of the glass to give a nice bright, citrus nose. Following this cut the zest as shown in the picture, place on the rim of the glass then stud with one piece of star anise in the centre. And there you have it, the Legend Reviver.

So all that remains to be said from myself and everyone who knows, loves and cares about Wade is go and kick some ass!

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