Products require product knowledge

State School

The purpose of the state school is simple: to provide a platform for development transferring our in-depth industry knowledge on to trainees. In today’s market knowledge is key, which is why at state school we have developed easy to follow modules providing information on a wide array of topics, all of which can be selected either in part or as a full package to suit the needs of your business.


As well as the modules listed, The Liquidstate are happy to work with clients to create specific food and beverage training course packages and Food and beverage training courses.

What We Offer


Alcohol Facts, fiction & safe service

A history of alcohol & cocktails

The art of alcohol production

Product Knowledge. 


Mainstream spirits L1 & L2.

  • Vodka

  • Gin

  • Rum

  • Tequila

  • Brandy  & Fruit Spirits

  • Whiskies



Fortified wines

Aperitief & Digestives


Classic Cocktails A & B: Theory and Practical.


Setting up for success.

  • Bar schematics and set up

  • Mis en Place: Creating & following effective checklists

  • Garnishing 101

Fundamental Bar Skills.

  • The Stage: Knowing the industry

  • Fundamentals of Bartending: The how's, what's and why's.

  • Understanding production Methods

  • Bar equipment and safe practise

  • Flow of Service: Order of production & Service priority

  • Pouring Techniques & Practical Application

  • Ice to Eskimos: The art of selling and reading your guest.

  • Dealing with difficult guests

Management Skills

Product Development.

  • Fundamentals of costing and cost control

  • Product dynamics and range selection

  • Menu engineering and application

  • Inventory system development and management

  • Deviation tracking and corrective action

  • maximising sales potential

Staff Development.

  • Identifying, implementing, tracking and revising staff development plans

  • Train the Trainer

  • Fundamentals off effective training sessions, theory and practical

  • Developing appropriate staff Incentives

  • Utilisation of external training and development commodities.

Personal Management Development.

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